Peace and Love

Peace and Love

Everyone needs some Peace and Love in their Lives...

About Our Company

Meet Our Founder

Hello! My name is Faytisha Hayden and welcome to the official website of Peace and Love! Peace and Love is based on my personal belief that finding one's peace and loving thyself are at the forefront importance of every facet of human life.

As a believer in practical application, there's documentation and evidence of medicinal healing techniques dating back hundreds of years, and as a woman whom hadn't been able to find health care products that worked in conjunction with the earth and the human body, Peace and Love was created as a solution. 

As a holistic health and health care management student, It is my life's journey to find ways to naturally live a better life mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and teach others how to do the same through practical implementation. 

In a cruel and sometimes unforgiving world, you owe it to yourself to fill your day with peace and love.