Peace and Love

Peace and Love

Everyone needs some Peace and Love in their Lives...

Product Reviews From Our Customers

Find out how impressive our bath and personal care products truly are! Please read the following reviews we have received from the satisfied customers of Peace and Love.

At first, I was apprehensive about using it because my skin is so sensitive to everything. I've been using the herbal soap for about a week now and so far, I’ve had no reactions to the soap except for smooth and silky skin! The only thing I don’t like about it is the peppermint smell. I personally don’t like peppermint. I have nothing against the soap; it’s just that its smell is something I never liked. Great way to flush away dead skin, though!

– Debra D.

As someone whom is constantly on the go, Peace and Love soap and shampoo works wonders for me in a pinch. It's very moisturizing, meaning that I don't have to apply heavy lotions to my body after a shower, and it works wonders for my hair. It's very moisturizing, but very lightweight at the same time. It smells wonderful and I haven't experienced any problems with it. I've already bought 2 bottles and plan to be a longtime Peace And Love customer.

– Matthew H.

I think this shampoo is the best yet... But The Soap. Oh MY.....It leaves an ever lasting silk moisture and unique scent.. I can't wait to get the deodorant. That combination is the Great job Faytisha Hayden

– Yosheika H.